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Nehru Place- Place Making project

Client: Delhi Development Authority
Project Description: Nehru Place is an important destination node in South East Delhi, planned as a major District Center for the City by DDA. It has a bus terminal in its precincts and in future will be served by four metro stations in the near future. Its serves as a public transport hub not only for the District Centre offices but for a large influence area around it. To provide access inside the large precinct (mostly not a walkable space currently) and to the areas around a large number of Para transit nodes both motorized and non-motorized, formal and informal cluster around the area. These access modes will increase manifold in number as the metro stations come up and increase the zone of influence of Nehru Place. It is critical to forecast and provide for the demand for access modes to public transport in this area, primarily to ensure the convenience of the Metro and bus users and increase the ridership of these modes, but also to avoid the chaos and congestion that is bound to happen on both the arterial roads and the area with the coming of the metro stations. The work done by iTrans is to asess the access demand and proposing systemic solutions to the access to public transport.

Traffic Study for Humayuns tomb and the Sunder Nursery Plaza

Client: Aga Khan Trust for Culture, New Delhi
Project Description: The project involves studying the existing traffic movements and parking patterns in the Humayun tomb and Sunder nursery area and preparation of a future layout for the road connecting them with a special emphasis on pedestrianisation of the entire area. Traffic data is collected through primary surveys like Mid-Block Traffic Volume counts and intersection turning movement counts. It also involves carrying out stated preference surveys and their analysis on the future measures like Cycle-Rickshaw and Bicycle renting provisions in the area. Activity mapping in the area has been carried out through Activity surveys to incorporate the various activities in the area in future planning.

Transport Impact Assignment (TIA) with the redevelopment of IP Power Station, Vikas Bhawan, IP bus depot and Rajghat power station in the vicinity of ITO

Client: Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.
Project Description: Traffic impact study (TIA) is a technical appraisal of the traffic and safety implications relating to a specific development. All urban planning proposals can generate additional traffic on adjacent roads and streets that may lead to a need for improvements to the existing infrastructure. So that the effects of proposals may be responsibly assessed, consideration of expected future traffic movements is essential; the accepted method is by undertaking a TIA.
Traffic impact studies address the following issues:
Existing proposals for improvements to the study area road network and hierarchy
Impact on road safety
Peak period traffic volumes and congestion levels at intersections in the study area
Existing parking supply and demand in the vicinity of the proposed devs

Detailed Project Report for introduction of Soleckshaws in Indian Cities

Client: HBL Power System Limited
Project Description:
Study on Suitability of Soleckshaw in Indian cities to cater to different mobility requirements
Provision in the existing national policy framework for the introduction of such a system
Identifying the potential user groups for Soleckshaw
Methodology for planning the operation of Soleckshaw
Preparing the Institutional framework required for the operation of system
Financial analysis of the system
Phasing of the project

Traffic operations study at the Lothian Intersection, SP Mukherjee Marg, New Delhi

Client: Municipal Corporation of Delhi, New Delhi
Partners in the Project: Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates, New Delhi
Project Description: The project involves, traffic data collection at the redesigned Lothian intersection, using videography, and its analysis to compare the traffic operations at the intersection, before and after the construction of the new design. This study is done as a part of the Jama Masjid area Redevelopment plan.

Traffic and Transport Plan for MCD Civic Centre area and Redevelopment of Shahjahanabad

Client: Municipal Corporation of Delhi
Partners in the Project: INTACH, Delhi Chapter
Project Description:The project involved redesign of the road network around the new MCD Civic Centre building to integrate the traffic and transport needs of Shahjahanabad, New Delhi Railway station and Connaught Place in a sustainable manner. Data used in the project is Activity Mapping and Topographic survey in the area, which was done through primary surveys while the Traffic data was from secondary sources..

Circulation Plan for the Grand Hotel, Nelson Mandela road

Client: Unison Hotels (owners), New Delhi
Partners in the Project:Morphogenesis, Panchsheel Park (Architects), New Delhi
Project Description: The Grand hotel is being refurbished (after a recent fire) and is expanding with service apartments etc. iTrans has been asked by the architects of the project, Morphogenesis, to provide advisory support in the circulation planning and internal road layout, including signages and markings.