On-Going Projects

Preparation of a comprehensive bicycle plan for the city of Pune

Client: Pune Municipal Corporation (DULT)
Partners in the Project: Centre for Environment Education (CEE) and Prasanna Desai Architects (PDA)
Project Description: iTrans (lead firm), along with Centre for Environment Education (CEE) and Prasanna Desai Architects (PDA), are preparing a citywide Masterplan for cycling, City wide bike-share strategy, area level detailed cycle plan and bike share system for the city of Pune. This project has 80% funding from the MoUD for the preparation of this Plan and involved comprehensive outreach, branding and awareness raising activities. The funds for the implementation of the project have already been allocated in the Smart City proposal of Pune.

Preparation of station accessibility plan for 5 metro stations in package-1 as per DULT’s RFP for Consultancy Services for preparation of station accessibility plans for metro stations in Bangalore, Karnataka

Client: Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT)
Partners in the Project: Mott MacDonald Pvt. Ltd.
Project Description: BMRCL has planned a 42km Phase-I network of underground and elevated metro rail system known as Namma Metro. In this regard DULT has awarded the project for station accessibility plan which is to be prepared within the overall framework of the national urban transport policy (2006). This is to bring about more equitable allocation of road space with people, rather than vehicles, as its main focus; and encourage greater use of public transport and non-motorized modes.

Consultancy service for developing guidance documents for Non-Motorized Transport, Bike Sharing Scheme and Transit Oriented Development.

Client: IBI consultancy India Pvt. Ltd.
Project Description: The Ministry of Urban Development MoUD), Government of India (GOI) recognized need for green infrastructure and transportation, improved liveability, sustainability and taken up multiple capacity building schemes in urban transport. The Sustainable Urban Transport Project is part of the capacity building scheme that is jointly funded by MoUD, GEF, World Bank and UNDP. As part of this project, MoUD has appointed IBI group and iTrans pvt. Ltd. To undertake the task of developing guidance Documents that is further enhanced through city specific plans. This guidance document is expected to achieve enhance Capacity in implementing sustainable transportation concepts in India through development of Transit Oriented Development (TOD), Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) and Public Bike Sharing (PBS) Scheme Plans.

Proposal for campus master plan for IIT Jodhpur- mobility design.

Client: Studio for Habitat Futures (SHiFT)
Project Description: The Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan, Jodhpur to develop its campus at Jodhpur as a “smart-intelligent eco-campus” appointed consultant to prepare a “campus master plan”. A part of this project was to design the mobility master plan for the campus promoting sustainable transport which was awarded to iTrans. This included planning for pedestrian, Cyclists, Zero emission vehicles, smart and interactive mobility solutions within the campus. Also, plan for interchange between city transport services and campus transportation system.

Completed Projects

Energy Efficient Transport in Bhutan: Policies, Strategies and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Client: The Asian Development Bank and Ernst & Young LLP
Project Description:
•Review the detailed feasibility study of electric/hybrid cars in Bhutan which will be prepared by EY team.
•Propose policy instrument related to transport sector.
•Identify and analyse other recommendations for EE improvement in transport sector and present cost effectiveness/cost benefit analysis of each recommendations, guidelines and instruments where relevant.
•Attend calls, meetings and workshops conducted by ADB/EY (as may be required)
•Update EY on the progress of the work on a monthly basis (through email)
•Submit quarterly progress reports to EY

Integrating Intermediate Public Transport within Transport Regulation in a Kolkata Megacity Region.

Client: Centre for Policy Research
Project Description: Centre for Policy Research (CPR) has undertaken a research project titled “Integrating Intermediate Public Transport within Transport Regulation in a Megacity Region” funded by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, a non- profit entity that works to catalyze innovative policy solutions that encourage energy efficiency and efficiency and the development of newer energy sources. The primary intended outcome of the project is to integrate intermediate public transport within regulatory structures for transportation in the megacity regions in India, in order to move to a more seamless transport system and support the shift of users away from private transport.

Consultancy Services for Climate Friendly Interventions, Policies, Capacity Building and Sustainable Governance under UK-KMC MoU on Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Kolkata

Client: Department for International Development (DFID) and PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited (PwC)
Project Description: The Department for International Development (DFID) is the UK Ministry that manages Britains aid to poor countries and works to alleviate world poverty. DFID is working to reach the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the international targets agreed by the United Nations (UN) to halve world poverty by 2015. KMC is committed to play a leading role in mainstreaming the low carbon and climate change resilient interventions in the city as it has the widest interface with the citizens and constitutional mandates to ensure a better place of living for them. DFID's support to KMC requires consultancy service to help KMC in achieving low carbon and climate resilient development in the city.

Low-Carbon Comprehensive Mobility Plan (LCMP) for Visakhapatnam

Client: UNEP-Risoe Centre, Denmark
Project Description: The LCMP is a Comprehensive mobility plan for the city of Visakhapatnam, which also considers the carbon component of mobility in the city. Various indicators measuring the economic, environmental and social components of mobility in the city are used to evaluate the current mobility situation in the city. Carbon-benchmarking for the travel activity in the city is also a part of the study. Various future scenarios are developed considering the land-use, public transport, Non-Motorised transport and policy changes in the city and the scenario which results in a low-carbon but sustainable development of the city is selected. Four project ideas to achieve this scenario are proposed and pre-feasibility studies for each of the projects are carried out and presented in the required formats of funding agencies.

Preparation of DPR based on formation of clusters of sharing cycle from various metro stations of DMRC & connecting adjoining areas.

Client: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC)
Project Description:
•Identification of main, shadow and satellite stations
•Preparation of route maps and structure maps,
•Identification of advertisement potential, statutory guidelines
•Identification of land ownership status for final main and satellite stations
•Financial estimate of various components of projects – this includes cost and revenue estimates for all stations
•Preparation of indicative modular structure drawing for the PBS station
•Estimation of profit/loss for project period of 5 years for all stations

Safety audit for outdoor advertisement of Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon limited.

Client: Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon Limited (RMGL)
Project Description: Rapid MetroRail Gurgaon Ltd. (RMGL) is required to safety audit for its outdoor advertisement installed/or proposed to be installed along its metro alignment in Gurgaon. As per the directive of Honorable high court of Punjab and Haryana, a team comprises of Halcrow, Anvita Arora representing iTrans, Navdeep Asija has been asked to conduct the safety audit for the RMGL alignment.

Manual for Cycle Infrastructure design in the Indian Subcontinent

Client: Interface for Cycling Expertise(I-ce) Netherlands
Project Description: This project involved the preparation of a detailed design manual for cycle and non-motorized transport Infrastructure in India based on Internation design standards and Indian project experiences.

Transport Impact Assignment (TIA) with the redevelopment of IP Power Station, Vikas Bhawan, IP bus depot and Rajghat power station in the vicinity of ITO

Client: Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.
Project Description: Traffic impact study (TIA) is a technical appraisal of the traffic and safety implications relating to a specific development. All urban planning proposals can generate additional traffic on adjacent roads and streets that may lead to a need for improvements to the existing infrastructure. So that the effects of proposals may be responsibly assessed, consideration of expected future traffic movements is essential; the accepted method is by undertaking a TIA.
• Traffic impact studies address the following issues:
• Existing proposals for improvements to the study area road network and hierarchy
• Impact on road safety
• Peak period traffic volumes and congestion levels at intersections in the study area
• Existing parking supply and demand in the vicinity of the proposed devs

Techno-Economic Feasibility Study for Monorail in Patna

Client: RITES Ltd., New Delhi
Project Description: The project included four-step demand modelling for the city of Patna. Travel demand forecast for Patna Urban Agglomeration Area (PUAA) and developing the Monorail Network for the city. Modelling various scenarios for the city in TransCAD 5.0 for both road-only network and also Monorail Network was carried out. Based on the modelling results, section wise ridership estimates on the network, direction wise Boarding and Alighting counts at the stations were derived, which formed the basis for economic and financial analysis of the project.

Organizing the Coordination and Dissemination of Research on Urban Transport

Client: Institute of Urban Transport (IUT), New Delhi
Project Description: The main output of the project is to bring all the research organizations working on urban transport, their research works over the past 10 years, their future plans and the city needs on a common platform for better coordination among academic institutions and users. It is also suggested a few tools for better dissemination of research findings in urban transport. The work done included collection of data and literature search from secondary sources and formulating the recommendations based on them.

Assessment of the Transport data in India

Client: Clean Air Initiative for Asia Cities, Philippines
Project Description: The project involved identifying and mapping the government agencies, research/ academic Institutions, Industry associations, who are collecting and generating the data on all/ any transport related issues in India and providing some background information like the frequency and reliability for each data item.

Low Carbon Transport in India

Client: UNEP RISO Centre, Denmark
Project Description: The project was to organize a workshop to develop a strategy on low carbon transport interventions needed in India. This would lead to initiation of low-carbon transport projects in 4 Indian cities with I-Trans an implementing partner.

Traffic and Transport Plan for MCD Civic Centre area and Redevelopment of Shahjahanabad

Client: Municipal Corporation of Delhi
Partners in the Project: INTACH, Delhi Chapter
Project Description:The project involved redesign of the road network around the new MCD Civic Centre building to integrate the traffic and transport needs of Shahjahanabad, New Delhi Railway station and Connaught Place in a sustainable manner. Data used in the project is Activity Mapping and Topographic survey in the area, which was done through primary surveys while the Traffic data was from secondary sources..

Bicycle Partnership Programme

Client: Interface for Cycling Expertise(I-ce) Netherlands
Project Description: Coordination with I-ce, The Netherlands for bicycle promotion, planning and implementation of Bicycle Master, and bicycle friendly designs in the cities of Delhi, Pune and Nanded.

Status of Two and Three Wheelers in India

Client: ITDP and ICCT, United States
Project Description: The project involves the study of existing scenario of two and three wheelers in India under various heads like their ownership, regulations, designs, traffic congestion caused, safety issues and pollution impacts. Based on the findings, recommendations for their safe and efficient usage in the future are given.

Bicycling in Asia

Client: Interface for Cycling Expertise, Netherlands
Project Description: The project was to develop a position paper on cycling in Asia and involved hosting a workshop, inviting papers and collating them into a comprehensive status of cycling in Asia, the trends and the future policy recommendations.

Traffic & Transit Assignment for GIFT city

Client: Fairwood Consultants, Noida
Partners in the Project:Louis Berger Inc, Gurgaon
Project Description:The project involves estimating the traffic loads on the road network of GIFT (Gujarat International Financial Tech.) city, through travel demand modelling and estimating the rider ship of the four public transport modes available in GIFT.

Circulation Plan for the Grand Hotel, Nelson Mandela road

Client: Unison Hotels (owners), New Delhi
Partners in the Project:Morphogenesis, Panchsheel Park (Architects), New Delhi
Project Description: The Grand hotel is being refurbished (after a recent fire) and is expanding with service apartments etc. iTrans has been asked by the architects of the project, Morphogenesis, to provide advisory support in the circulation planning and internal road layout, including signages and markings.

Comprehensive Mobility Plan of Patna

Client: Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam, Patna
Partners in the Project:Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, VKS Infratech Management Private Limited
Project Description:The project involves preparation of mobility plan of the city, its future travel demand modeling, public transport planning, measures for integration of land use plans with transport plans.

Bus Rapid Transit Pre-feasibility study in Dhaka

Client: World Bank
Partners in the Project: DevCon Consultants, Dhaka
Project Description: The project involves studying the feasibility of BRT in three radial corridors of Dhaka. The study involves recommending the conceptual design of BRT in the radial corridors and ranking the corridors in order for suitability of BRT.

Technical assistance in Urban Transport sector for Phase-2 of the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM)

Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Partners in the Project: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Gurgaon
Project Description: Supporting JNNURM states and cities in reviewing the DPRs, ensuring high quality of ongoing construction works, providing other technical guidance, improving capacities at city and state level on project design and implementation relating to urban transport including roads and bridges and quality assurance in various tasks of the JNNURM funded projects

Institutional and Financial Restructuring of Road works in Delhi

Client: Delhi Finance Commision (Fourth)
Partners in the Project: Shiromay Tyagi & Co., Delhi
Project Description: The study involves studying the existing Institutional arrangement, Financial structuring and the bye-laws for the construction and maintenance of roads in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi. A questionnaire survey will be carried out with the various civic bodies responsible, like the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and Central Public Works Department (CPWD). Based on the performance of each of these bodies and international best practices a restructuring of institutional arrangements and finances for roads in NCT will be recommended.

Haryana Vision 2030-Urban Transport

Client: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Gurgaon
Project Description: Haryana Vision 2030 is a document that will assess the needs of the state in key infrastructure and social sectors. iTrans is involved in the urban transport infrastructure component of the project which requires providing guidelines for the urban transport policy of Haryana, benchmarking existing infrastructure and assessing future infrastructure requirements, cost estimates and funding options including possibility of PPP for the infrastructure proposed, suggesting institutional and governance reforms required in urban transport sector of the state.

DPR for the development of Cycle Tracks and Walkways in Naya Raipur

Client: Naya Raipur Development Authority, Raipur
Partners in the Project: SG Architects, New Delhi, Urban Mass Transport Corporation, New Delhi
Project Description: Preparation of Detailed Project Report for cycle tracks and walkways in Naya Raipur, which includes NMT and infrastructure Data Collection, NMT demand assessment and the walkways and cycle tracks required on various stretches of the city to cater to this demand. The project also includes Bid Process Management for selection of Contractor for Development of Cycle Track & Pedestrian Walkway and Bid Process Management for selection of PMC for Development of Cycle Track & Pedestrian Walkway and Bus Shelter, Bus Depot & Bus Terminal in Naya Raipur.

Feasibility Study for Bus Rapid Transit System on the East West corridor in Delhi

Client: Urban Mass Transport Corporation, New Delhi
Partners in the Project: Sandeep Gandhi Architects, New Delhi
Project Description: The study involves studying the feasibility of the proposed East-West BRT corridor in Delhi from physical, transport and structural point of view. Our involvement is in the transport part which includes traffic data analysis along the corridor, base year and future year BRT ridership predictions using various mode shift scenarios and assisting UMTC in the financial analysis of the BRT system.

Bus Rapid Transit for Patna-Detailed Project Report (DPR)-Stage 1

Client: Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam & Urban Development Department Bihar, Patna
Partners in the Project: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Sandeep Gandhi Architects, VKS Infratech Management Private Limited.
Project Description: The project involves preparation of detailed project report for the design and implementation of BRT in Patna City.

Traffic Study for Humayuns tomb and the Sunder Nursery Plaza

Client: Aga Khan Trust for Culture, New Delhi
Project Description: The project involves studying the existing traffic movements and parking patterns in the Humayun tomb and Sunder nursery area and preparation of a future layout for the road connecting them with a special emphasis on pedestrianisation of the entire area. Traffic data is collected through primary surveys like Mid-Block Traffic Volume counts and intersection turning movement counts. It also involves carrying out stated preference surveys and their analysis on the future measures like Cycle-Rickshaw and Bicycle renting provisions in the area. Activity mapping in the area has been carried out through Activity surveys to incorporate the various activities in the area in future planning.

Two Case Studies on Non-Motorized Transport in India

Client: UN-Habitat, Kenya
Partners in the Project: IIT Delhi, New Delhi
Project Description: The project involves preparing the Non-motorised transport (NMT) user trends in Pune by analyzing the data gathered by TRIPP and preparing the NMT trends for Peri Urban areas of Delhi by conducting primary surveys which included NMT User survey, which collected the socio-economic and travel characteristics of Bicycles, Cycle-Rickshaws, Animal and Hand cart users for both passenger and goods vehicles and traffic volume count survey through video graphic analysis. Based on the findings of these surveys, the NMT user trends in these two cities are analysed and compared.

Traffic operations study at the Lothian Intersection, SP Mukherjee Marg, New Delhi

Client: Municipal Corporation of Delhi, New Delhi
Partners in the Project: Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates, New Delhi
Project Description: The project involves, traffic data collection at the redesigned Lothian intersection, using videography, and its analysis to compare the traffic operations at the intersection, before and after the construction of the new design. This study is done as a part of the Jama Masjid area Redevelopment plan.

Evolving Campaign Strategies for Promoting Sustainable Transport in Delhi.

Client: Shakti Foundation
Project Description:
•Preliminary round of discussions (5 meetings) with core group of experts and stakeholders
•Literature review of similar initiatives/ campaigns as case studies
•Development of a detailed draft outreach and advocacy strategy informed by the findings from discussions
•Refinement of the strategy paper and finalize the key campaigns and message based on the second round of expert stakeholder consultations
•Preparation of terms of reference, timelines and implementation strategies, and budget estimates for campaign projects
•Identification of sources of funding of the campaign and the projects.
•Establishing guidelines for monitoring and evaluation of success of campaign.

Grant awarded by Climateworks Foundation for Ecomobility readiness assessment in collaboration with International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives-South Asia

Client: ICLEI –Local Governments for Sustainability – South Asia
Project Description:
•Review of similar tools used being used around the world for evaluation of pedestrian, cycling and NMT infrastructure
•Preparation of Readiness assessment tool based on the findings from the review
•Support to ICLEI –Local Governments for Sustainability – South Asia for completing the readiness assessment of various cities across India using readiness assessment tool
•Analysis of the findings from readiness assessment tool to provide set of recommendations for improvement of NMT infrastructure in cities.

Planning and Design for Inter-Modal integration of Hyderabad Metro

Client: Hyderabad Metro rail (HMR) Ltd
Project Description:
•Review of Demand projections and station designs of the metro system
•Disaggregating the demand at each station by modes of access i.e. Walk, Bicycle, Auto-rickshaw, Bus and MMTS
•Developing indicators based on international literature to measure access to metro systems
•Identifying international best practices for inter-modal integration
•Development of design guidelines for Hyderabad Metro system
•Detailed design of 3 stations illustrating the intermodal integration design guidelines

Designing the Transport Infrastructure and Internal Transport system for Pallava/Dombivli

Client: Lodha Dwellers Pvt. Ltd
Project Description:
•Estimation of mode wise trips generating based on the master plan
•Travel demand forecasting in Trans CAD 5.0
•Scenario building for infrastructure provisions and selecting the optimum infrastructure required
•Estimating parking demand based on travel demand and proposing various parking options
•Mapping the Public transport routs within the vicinity of Palava, suggesting regional connectivity modes from Palava
•Defining the hierarchy of roads within Palava and the traffic circulation plan
•Concept and Schematic of the proposed Transportation systems

Detailed Project Report for introduction of Soleckshaws in Indian Cities

Client: HBL Power System Limited
Project Description:
•Study on Suitability of Soleckshaw in Indian cities to cater to different mobility requirements
•Provision in the existing national policy framework for the introduction of such a system
•Identifying the potential user groups for Soleckshaw
•Methodology for planning the operation of Soleckshaw
•Preparing the Institutional framework required for the operation of system
•Financial analysis of the system
•Phasing of the project

Business Plan for the Institute of Urban Transport (IUT)-India

Client: Institute of Urban Transport (IUT)-India
Project Description:
•Articulating IUT’s vision and value proposition
•Reviewing IUT’s current activities and capacities
•Identifying the detailed services
•Formulating Competitive Strategy
•Developing Consultant’s implementation plan

Traffic & public Transport Assignment (BRT, Metro & PRT) for Gujarat International Financial & Tech City

Client: Louis Berger Consulting Private Limited, Gurgaon
Project Description:
•Traffic demand values, in PCUs, of vehicles on the road network of GIFT.
•Estimation of O-D matrix in the zones of GIFT.
•Integrating three modes of public transport namely BRT, Metro and PRT
•Boarding and Alighting demand at each transit stop.
•Sensitivity analysis of change in land use with travel demand on different transit stops and loads on road network of GIFT.

Planning for last mile connectivity & assistance in development of integrated Intermediate Para-Transport (IPT) plan, and Public Bike Sharing (PBS) plan, through surveys, analysis and circulation studies.

Client: Climateworks Foundation
Project Description:
•Traffic analysis report using data collected by surveyor teams as identified by foundation. The report will be designed with the end goal of planning and design decisions for walk ability, bike-ability, bike sharing potential, IPT, parking, public transit and place making.
•PBS pilot project in identified area to provide an important last mile connectivity option to people accessing public transit nodes like metro stations and bus stops as well as for the workers to access amenities from Nehru Place.
•Integrated IPT modes pilot (formal modes like auto rickshaws and informal modes like cycle rickshaws) and plan of integration at key transfer and demand points on identified site.
•Conceptual circulation plan for the project (Nehru place, Delhi) precinct and the roads identified in the 2 km influence area will be prepared by consultant and handed over to the project design team for adding details.
•Support to coordination partner in making presentations to UTTIPEC, DDA and other government stakeholders, potential funding partners, as and when required.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation of Pimpri Chinchwad BRT Corridor - NMT Experts.

Client: IBI Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd
Project Description:
•Leadership and vision for the NMT assessment component of the monitoring & Evaluation of Pimpri Chinchwad BRT corridors Project.
•Help develop, support and review the monitoring & evaluation framework and survey formats for the M&E Project.
•Carry out assessments for the NMT performance indicators including workability and accessibility parameters.
•Support in the creation and execution of the action plan for the M&E activities of the project.
•Analyze and present the NMT impacts from both primary & secondary sources of data.
•Attend and present the NMT impacts from both primary & secondary sources of data.
•Support all aspects of the M&E effort to enhance the quality of the output.

Additional Services for Naya Raipur Development Authority

Client: Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA)
Project Description:
•Topographical surveys for the 16.5Km of new corridor approved
•Review of pedestrian/ cycle plan for capital complex and its integration with main network.
Defining the circulation network for pedestrians and proposing location and designs for crossing facilities and other components needed to ensure safety.
Ensuring that the circulation network of pedestrians and cyclist in the capital complex is integrated with the main city network and proposing any design components needed for the integration.
•Prepare a parking plan for cyclists for capital complex
Define numbers of cycle stands needed at each location
Propose a conceptual design for a modular bicycle parking shelter that can be replicated at these locations.

Status of Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) in Coimbatore city of Tamil Nadu.

Client: ICLEI –Local Governments for Sustainability – South Asia
Project Description:
•Project introduction, NMT sensitization and assessment outcomes
•Preparation of survey formats, tools if needed, brief questionnaires, data required for further mapping of potential NMT corridors, other technical details.
•Capitalisation of survey information, coding and decoding work, comparison to previous data, detailed analysis, preparation of maps.
•Project status and preliminary analysis presentations to city officials
•Finalisation of report format and preparation of concept plans and recommendations for specific areas on NMT provisions like immediate

Monitoring Green House Gas(GHG) emissions in road transport sector in the cities of Delhi and Kolkata

Client: EG Gas, Kolkata
Partners in the Project: Grutter Consulting, Switzerland; Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Government of India; EG Gas Ltd, India; TRIPP-IIT Delhi, Jadavpur University, WB Pollution Control Board
Project Description: This project involves a baseline study of emissions of vehicular green house gas.