Expertise And Activity Linkages of i-Trans

iTrans has the required expertise and experience in different fields of Urban transport and also in different kinds of projects one can take up in each of these sub-components i.e. Transport Policy, Transport Planning, Traffic Engineering and Applied Research. Prof. Geetam Tiwari is a well known academician in India and abroad for her work in all topics that can be considered Urban Transport and Dr. Anvita Arora has vast experience in the areas of Transport Policy, Non-Motorised Transport planning, advocacy and promotion. Under their leadership and through collaboration with various government and private bodies at various levels of the Urban Transport chain, iTrans has been working in the following areas:

  • Providing Technical Assistance for various policies to be taken up at the National Level
  • Development of vision document for urban transport at the state level
  • Implementation of policies and institutional arrangements required for the promotion of sustainable Transport at the city level governments like infrastructure for public and non-motorised transport.

  • Development of Comprehensive Mobility Plans which are inclusive i.e. accommodating the travel needs of all road users including Non-motorised, Private-motorised and Public transport users
  • Travel demand Forecasting using Macroscopic modelling software like TransCAD at the city level for road traffic and public transport ridership estimates
  • Feasibility studies and Detailed Project Reports (DPR) for various Public transport projects, with special emphasis on Bus Rapid Transit Systems (BRTS)
  • Feasibility studies and Detailed Project Reports (DPR) for Non motorised transport (NMT) projects like Bicycle Master plans for cities, area level NMT circulation studies
  • Socio-economic Impact Assessments (SEIA) for public transport projects
  • Operational Plans and Scheduling of bus and rail based public transport systems

  • Design of Multi Modal Integration systems i.e. integrating various modes like Metro, Bus systems and Non-Motorised transport within a city
  • Traffic Surveys and Household Interviews
  • Microscopic Traffic Simulation studies using software like VISSIM
  • Area level traffic circulation plans for all modes
  • Parking management studies

  • Developing manuals for Bicycle inclusive Planning for the Indian Sub continent
  • Case Studies and Position papers for trends in NMT usage in India
  • Organising workshops and stakeholder consultations on various manuals and sustainable transport issues for knowledge sharing and public outreach
  • Assisting civil society organisations in public outreach programs with required technical data analysis

  • The model of functioning of i-Trans are shown in the diagram below