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Completed Projects

Integrating Intermediate Public Transport within Transport Regulation in a Megacity Region.

Client: Centre for Policy Research
Project Description: Centre for Policy Research (CPR) has undertaken a research project titled “Integrating Intermediate Public Transport within Transport Regulation in a Megacity Region” funded by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, a non- profit entity that works to catalyze innovative policy solutions that encourage energy efficiency and efficiency and the development of newer energy sources. The primary intended outcome of the project is to integrate intermediate public transport within regulatory structures for transportation in the megacity regions in India, in order to move to a more seamless transport system and support the shift of users away from private transport.

Manual for Cycle Infrastructure design in the Indian Subcontinent

Client: Interface for Cycling Expertise(I-ce) Netherlands
Project Description: This project involved the preparation of a detailed design manual for cycle and non-motorized transport Infrastructure in India based on Internation design standards and Indian project experiences.

Two Case Studies on Non-Motorized Transport in India

Client: UN-Habitat, Kenya
Partners in the Project: IIT Delhi, New Delhi
Project Description: The project involves preparing the Non-motorised transport (NMT) user trends in Pune by analyzing the data gathered by TRIPP and preparing the NMT trends for Peri Urban areas of Delhi by conducting primary surveys which included NMT User survey, which collected the socio-economic and travel characteristics of Bicycles, Cycle-Rickshaws, Animal and Hand cart users for both passenger and goods vehicles and traffic volume count survey through video graphic analysis. Based on the findings of these surveys, the NMT user trends in these two cities are analysed and compared.

Organizing the Coordination and Dissemination of Research on Urban Transport

Client: Institute of Urban Transport (IUT), New Delhi
Project Description: The main output of the project is to bring all the research organizations working on urban transport, their research works over the past 10 years, their future plans and the city needs on a common platform for better coordination among academic institutions and users. It is also suggested a few tools for better dissemination of research findings in urban transport. The work done included collection of data and literature search from secondary sources and formulating the recommendations based on them.

Assessment of the Transport data in India

Client: Clean Air Initiative for Asia Cities, Philippines
Project Description: The project involved identifying and mapping the government agencies, research/ academic Institutions, Industry associations, who are collecting and generating the data on all/ any transport related issues in India and providing some background information like the frequency and reliability for each data item.